Basic Health & Safety Courses

Basic Health and Safety – Full Day

This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the fundamentals of good health and safety practice.

The syllabus will cover the following subjects:

  • Management Regulations
  • First Aid Regulations
  • COSHH Regulations
  • Fire Regulations
  • and any other regulations relevant to your workplace

There is a short multiple choice paper at the end of the course to prove competence and understanding.

Risk Assessment Training – Full Day

Employers need to ensure that individuals carrying out risk assessments are competent to do so. Competency does not necessarily require a particular qualification but involves a combination of knowledge, experience, skills and personal qualities.

This practical one day workshop will give candidates the confidence to conduct workplace risk assessments and strategies and develop the skills and confidence to undertake risk assessments using a range of tools and techniques.

The syllabus will cover:

  • Definition of hazards and risks
  • Hierarchy of control measures
  • Risk ranking
  • Method statements
  • Activity Risk Analysis (normal work, maintenance and emergency plans)

Candidates will be required to complete an assignment demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of risk assessments.

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